The Belly Pic. Eh.

So, here I am, 24 weeks pregnant (I am further along now, but just getting these up).  Will is renowned for many valuable talents and attributes.  Taking pictures of me isn’t one of them.  He is very good at catching my bad side, and even better at just never taking them in the first place.  With pregnancy #1, I have pictures of my pregnant self at about 15 weeks and then again the day before Edie was born.  I specifically asked for both of these photo shoots.  Not that I am particularly pleasant to take photos of.  It is not uncommon for me to see the photo and delete it immediately out of vanity.  So, rather than wait around for it not to happen, I asked Will to take these, and I even kept them.  I can’t say they excite me too much, but I know in a couple years I will look back on it very fondly.  Being pregnant is a miracle that I cherish, and I do enjoy many aspects of it.  Morphing into Humpty Dumpty isn’t one of them, though.